Welcome to Jupyter Server Proxy’s documentation!

Welcome to Jupyter Server Proxy’s documentation!#

Jupyter Server Proxy lets you run arbitrary external processes (such as RStudio, Shiny Server, syncthing, PostgreSQL, etc) alongside your notebook, and provide authenticated web access to them.


This project used to be called nbserverproxy. if you have an older version of nbserverproxy installed, remember to uninstall it before installing jupyter-server-proxy - otherwise they may conflict

The primary use cases are:

  1. Use with JupyterHub / Binder to allow launching users into web interfaces that have nothing to do with Jupyter - such as RStudio, Shiny, or OpenRefine.

  2. Allow access from frontend javascript (in classic notebook or JupyterLab extensions) to access web APIs of other processes running locally in a safe manner. This is used by the JupyterLab extension for dask.




Contributions of all kinds - documentation, issues, blog posts, code, are most welcome!