Theia IDE


Theia IDE#

Theia is a configurable web based IDE built with components from Visual Studio Code.

This package is a plugin for jupyter-server-proxy that lets you run an instance of theia alongside your notebook, primarily in a JupyterHub / Binder environment.

Installing Theia#

  1. Install the Yarn package manager with one of the available methods.

  2. Theia is highly configurable, so you need to decide which features you want in your theia install. Make a package.json with the list of extensions you want, following the instructions here.

    Here is an example:

      "private": true,
      "dependencies": {
          "@theia/callhierarchy": "latest",
          "@theia/editor-preview": "latest",
          "@theia/file-search": "latest",
          "@theia/git": "latest",
          "@theia/json": "latest",
          "@theia/languages": "latest",
          "@theia/markers": "latest",
          "@theia/merge-conflicts": "latest",
          "@theia/messages": "latest",
          "@theia/mini-browser": "latest",
          "@theia/monaco": "latest",
          "@theia/navigator": "latest",
          "@theia/outline-view": "latest",
          "@theia/preferences": "latest",
          "@theia/preview": "latest",
          "@theia/python": "latest",
          "@theia/search-in-workspace": "latest",
          "@theia/terminal": "latest",
          "@theia/textmate-grammars": "latest",
          "@theia/typescript": "latest",
          "typescript": "latest",
          "yarn": "^1.12.3"
      "devDependencies": {
          "@theia/cli": "latest"
  3. Run the following commands in the same location as your package.json file to install all packages & build theia.

    yarn theia build

    This should set up theia to run and be built.

  4. Add the node_modules/.bin directory to your $PATH, so jupyter-theia-proxy can find the theia command.

    export PATH="$(pwd)/node_modules/.bin:${PATH}"